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Our mailing address has changed to:  505 Hope Avenue, Salmon ID  83467

MISSION STATEMENT:  St. Charles Catholic Community is a family of faith, recognizing and affirming the love of God in ourselves and in one another. We are called to continue the mission of Christ:  In reaching out to those in need physically, emotionally, and spiritually; in teaching the word of God in words and action; in celebrating the love of God in the Sacraments and worship; and in strengthening one another with our faith, stories, lives, joy, encouragement, and prayers.

Fr. John Mosier is Pastor of St. Charles Borromeo Parish in Salmon, with its stations of St. Louise in Challis and St. Joseph Chapel in Leadore.

Fr. John Gathungu is Parochial Vicar at St. Barbara in Mackay and St. Ann in Arco.

Mass is also provided in Stanley, Idaho at the Sawtooth Meditation Chapel during the summer months.

March 26th, 2023


On this final Sunday of Lent before Palm Sunday, we hear Jesus call Lazarus forth from the tomb. Jesus calls us as well, calls us forth from our tombs of sin and death, where our harmful habits and attitudes separate us from God, from life. He is the resurrection. He is the life. Jesus’ words to Martha then are his words to us now: Do you believe this? Do you believe that God can bring life out of death? Do you believe that God can free us from the burial bands of sin? Let us recover that faith within us and so prepare ourselves to witness the Resurrection.

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